Add a new way of generating profits in the markets.

FXA Trading EA Partner

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Image: results from our own trading account in the last weeks

Set the EA & Let it run

With our new version of EA, you can obtain profits in an easy way.

Set the EA for your MetaTrader account with any broker/ Prop Firm that accepts EAs, choose the risk (low, medium or high) and enjoy the results!
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⚠️Mandatory video to watch before purchase⚠️

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step 1
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Purchase the EA from our website and follow the instructions.
step 2
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Receive the product & the guide for easy usage. In addition to that, you will be added inside a group with other EA users and the FXA Team where we can share ideas about the EA and guide you on the way.
step 3
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Follow the EA's activity on your MT4 accounts and enjoy the results! 

What is the FXA EA?

The FXA BOT is an EA software developed by traders, for traders.

The FXA team partenered with the best developers in the game in order to offer you an easy alternative of obtaining profits with XAUUSD.

How does it work?

The EA will be trading for you on your MT4 account based on the settings that you chose initially. You will receive an entire guide explaining you the functions of the EA.

It is an intuitive product that does not require a lot of trading knowledge. Once you've set the initial settings, your only job will be to lower the risk or simply stop the bot on the high-impact news, if you wish. You will see that the bot has simple buttons and it is attached directly on top of MetaTrader, looking like a tool.

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Trading acount analytics from 22 December 23 up to 12 February 2024.

There are multiple variables that you can select, in case that you want to personalize it more, however, there are 3 main settings for the bot:

1. Low risk (around 1%-5% return)

2. Medium Risk (around 10%-15% return)

3. High Risk (over 15% return, for example 30% in a month)

Legal disclaimer: trading/investing of any kind involves risk. Your trading/investments are solely your responsibility. The past results do not guarantee future results!

Check real results

Play the screen recording made inside the MetaTrader 4 and see how our trading account looks like after connecting it to the bot. 

The entire FXA team has been using the bot for at least 1 year now in order to grow capital and pass challenge accounts with prop firms that accept HFT.
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More features from the FXA Partenered EA

With our latest EA, you'll unlock a world of possibilities:

📈 Trend Following: Surf the waves of success as our cutting-edge algorithm identifies and seizes upon lucrative market trends, guiding you towards profitable trades with ease.

💼 ICT Following: Tap into the formidable force of Institutional Confluence Trading, leveraging institutional insights for unmatched precision and strategic advantage in your trading endeavors.

📊 Technical Indicators: Personalize your trading strategy with an array of technical indicators, including RSI, Bollinger Bands, and EMA crossovers. Tailor your approach to match your unique trading style and market preferences.

🏄 Trailing Stop Loss: Stay at the forefront of the trading game with dynamic stop-loss management, ensuring you safeguard your profits and mitigate potential losses as market conditions evolve.

🛡️ SL on All Trades: Shield your investments with a safety net on every trade, providing an added layer of protection and peace of mind in the unpredictable world of Forex.

⏰ Schedule Flexibility: Take control of your trading schedule by setting specific days and times that suit your lifestyle. Whether you're a full-time trader or part-time enthusiast, our EA adapts to your needs seamlessly.

🌐 Universal Compatibility: Enjoy unparalleled versatility as our EA effortlessly integrates with any schedule, making it the perfect trading companion for traders of all experience levels and time commitments.

📰 News Filter: Navigate market volatility with confidence using our integrated news filter option. Stay informed and ahead of the curve by filtering out noise and focusing on the information that truly matters.

And that's just the beginning! In addition to these groundbreaking features, we're thrilled to introduce a vibrant Community Group where you can connect with fellow traders, exchange ideas, and optimize your trading strategies for maximum success. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we redefine the future of Forex trading together!
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