Receive $500 Off if you choose to use the bot under our affiliated broker
Message: @Fxa_EA on telegram

Payment Options:

QR Code for the USDT ERC 20 Address if you want to use it:

After the payment, contact us at

or at

Kindly provide us your full name, email address and the proof of payment (transaction ID or screenshot).

We are online daily and our support team will shortly get in touch with you and help you access the product. 

Got questions?

Message us on Telegram. Our team will assist you:

Do you need help with the crypto payment?

Check this step by step tutorial for using crypto with the Binance exchange. You can contact us if you need additional help.

Step 1: How to create a Binance Account (click me)

Step 2: How to do the KYC (verification process) (click me)

Step 3: Buy Crypto (click me)

Step 4: Send us the payment for the EA (Send Crypto) - 1500 USDT if you are a FXA Private Member or 2000 USDT as a regular buyer  (click me)

Step 5: Contact us and receive your EA Trading Bot.

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