Our journey- Who are we?


I was usually surrounded by people who didn't believe that you can have the life that you wish for because almost nobody of their acquaintances had it. If a thought takes you out of your comfort zone, the first thing that gets in your mind is to give up, because there are not a lot of chances for you to be right.
Because I always wanted more and more from life, I always learned information that could lead me to have a better day to day lifestyle. Little did I know that Forex will finally be the solution to my problem. And little did I know that it will happen so fast. Started trading 3 years ago, still being mesmerised about it until now. Why? Because I can be productive, I can have free time and do my own schedule, I can gain much more than a wage and finally I can take care of my dear ones. There's nothing more valuable in life than freedom. If I had a chance to change my path, I wouldn't. Perseverance, hard work and devotion lead me to this and I am not special, you can do it too.

Words I live by

“What if it doesn't come true? But what if it does?”

Let's get that pips together!

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