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Undestand the market with a different perspective. See the moves before they are happening. Take entries based on a well established trading plan and risk management.

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This is your Forex Journey

A roadmap from your learning and practicing stage to actually trading in the Forex Markets being 
profitable and consistent.

Learn from our materials and groups

For the first 6 months we recommend you to start with our learning materials that include all you need to know about Forex Trading. Our concepts combine liquidity, the market structure, s&d with the ICT concepts. We could not name our strategy in some way, because we adapted it to the market conditions and created an unique style to trade that made us profitable.

Starting to trade on live

After 6 months, if you see that you have consistency in your trades on Demo, go on and continue with a small live account. If you can handle that, it's time for you to try prop firms and to build your own capital with the profits obtained from there.

Closer to being advanced

After the learning process, that can be of 1-2 years where you will still make some ,,silly'' mistakes, you will start to get how the markets move. Right now you already know the theory, you even practiced a bit, maybe obtained some funded accounts from prop firms. The key now is to try to remain consistent and to make a living out of forex trading.

Being a real full time trader

This is the part when you already faced all difficulties in trading. You learned, practiced, lost some accounts, made some morey, won some prop firm challenges, you've been through all. After all of that, just focus on being consistent and sticking to your trading plan and risk management in order to create constant profits. 
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